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Exception Nouns

There are seven general exceptions in the 2nd declension.  Instead of ending in -is, seven nouns end in -s. Essentially, the nominative singular is all that is different.  According to my grammar book, the genitive singular is also -s instead … Continue reading

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Despite their small size, prepositions are really important to understand.  For one thing, without prepositions, you lose a lot of meaning and for another, more important thing, some of them do double duty as verbal prefixes. Of course, it would … Continue reading

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On Plurals

English can be really confusing when it comes to singular and plural nouns.  We have words from so many different languages that still follow their native language’s grammatical rules that we can’t easily say “This is a singular noun and … Continue reading

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How do I say…?

One thing I believe is essential in speaking another language is knowing how to say please and thank you. Whenever I go to a new country (unless I don’t know I’m going, like my sudden re-routing through Sweden), I make … Continue reading

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The most common definition of the genitive case is that it shows possession. (The genitive case is used for other constructions, but this is the most common usage.) In English, we have two options to show possession, either through the … Continue reading

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Tirdzniecības kanāls, Liepāja

I thought I would share one of my photos from Liepāja today. I wish we could go back for a visit, but it will have to wait.

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