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A Little About Conjunctions

Conjunctions are the little words that make sentences go around. If you’re American, you might even be humming in your head the old kids’ show song from Schoolhouse Rock, “Conjunction Junction (What’s Your Function)”. Conjunctions are words that help connect … Continue reading

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Šis un Tas: Demonstrating Demonstratives

For fast reference, you can also go to Charts to look at just the Demonstratives chart or grab the easy printable / downloadable PDF. Today’s post is a Reader Request! Do you want me to cover a topic or answer … Continue reading

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Wordy Wednesday – Whither Weather

Man, am I tired. On the upside, finals are finally done this week so I can actually devote some time to the blog before my next semester begins in a month. Of course, next semester is going to be considerably … Continue reading

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Wordy Wednesday: The Magic of a Single Letter

I’m feeling fairly random today. I’m in the middle of finals – just finished the major paper of the semester (it’s finally done!) but my final exam for my other class is still coming up on Monday. It feels like … Continue reading

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Wordy Wednesday – Moro

I hope you had fun with the audio and text of Moro! As you can see from the text, even though Moro is intended for elementary school kids, there’s a lot of complicated grammar and vocabulary. Poetry makes everything more … Continue reading

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Text – A Reading from Moro

As promised, here is the text of the passage. I’ve also linked the audio again so that you can listen and read along if you choose. Suņu karaļa Moro piedzīvojumi Žanis Grīva Es esmu Moro — spaniels, tā visi mani … Continue reading

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Audio – A Reading from Moro

Artis has kindly agreed to record a page from a children’s poetry book so that those of you who are not in Latvia and don’t have much exposure to native speech patterns can listen to a slower, relatively low-key reading. … Continue reading

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Wordy Wednesday: All About Slims

I don’t know about you, but something is going around in our area. Both Artis and I were sick and miserable for days and the crud is lingering on. At least it’s not keeping us up at night or keeping … Continue reading

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I hate being sick.

I know, I missed Wordy Wednesday. I slept for most of Wednesday, blearily looked at the blog and decided I probably wasn’t competent enough to look at a draft and figure out what needed to be rewritten or doublechecked before … Continue reading

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Wordy Wednesday: Modes of Transportation II

Let’s finish last week’s Wordy Wednesday topic off today! lidot : to fly [slider title=”conjugate me”]lidot, 2. konj. (long) tag. lidoju, lido, lido, lidojam, lidojat pag.lidoju, lidoji, lidoja, lidojām, lidojāt nak.lidošu, lidosi, lidos, lidosim, lidosiet / lidosit pav. lido, lidojiet[/slider] … Continue reading

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