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A Little About Conjunctions

Conjunctions are the little words that make sentences go around. If you’re American, you might even be humming in your head the old kids’ show song from Schoolhouse Rock, “Conjunction Junction (What’s Your Function)”. Conjunctions are words that help connect … Continue reading

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Šis un Tas: Demonstrating Demonstratives

For fast reference, you can also go to Charts to look at just the Demonstratives chart or grab the easy printable / downloadable PDF. Today’s post is a Reader Request! Do you want me to cover a topic or answer … Continue reading

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Nouns in Locative

This is my favorite case, hands down.  For one, it is the case I can most reliably pick out of sentences, so I usually will translate it first.  For another, it’s just so darned easy.  I love this case! The … Continue reading

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Finding Your Grammatical Center

One thing my husband continually nags me about is guessing the content of the sentence without really working through it.  Especially when I start applying English grammatical rules to Latvian sentences because I’m tired. Why is this bad?  Because Latvian … Continue reading

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