Upcoming Feature: Wordy Wednesday

I was thinking about it the other day and thought I would do a riff on those "Wordless Wednesdays" you see around the blogosphere every week. Of course, since my blog is all about words, going Wordless doesn't make as much sense as going Wordy -- vocabulary words, that is!

Why Wordy Wednesdays? First, declining and conjugating words , especially unfamiliar words, is really good practice but I don't do it as often as I did when I was in Latin class. I really should so this is a good way for me to practice my word skills.

Second, it is a good thing to have exposure to new words and build your vocabulary. I've fallen behind on my vocab studies because large lists are unwieldy for me especially when my life is super-busy (like now!). Small groups are easier to work with during a few minutes of downtime.

Third, this will make some of the topics planned for the future easier to discuss as some Wordy Wednesdays will magically transform into Wordbuilding Wednesdays.

Each Wednesday will feature a group of words featuring a common theme. Verbs and nouns will be conjugated and declined but tucked down at the end of the page for RSS/Kindle readers or inside a slider so that if you're working along with me, you can try declining/conjugating them on your own before you see the answers.

All of the words will be cross-posted to theGlossary, which you can find in the Menu bar, to provide a handy quick-reference of the vocabulary used on this blog. (Yes, I will be going through and revising everything in the archives so they are referenced since I have an extra day off this week..)

I 'd like your feedback, oh readers, so feel free to drop a line in the comments of any Wordy Wednesday or the Sticky at the top of the site. Ideas for future themes are very welcome as well! I really hope that this will be as useful for you as it promises to be for me.

Look for the first Wordy Wednesday next week. :)