Wordy Wednesday: All About Slims

I don't know about you, but something is going around in our area. Both Artis and I were sick and miserable for days and the crud is lingering on. At least it's not keeping us up at night or keeping me from working!

So, let's have some fun with being sick and do some words based on slims!

  • slims : adj. sick [slider title="decline me"] slims , m, adj.
    vsk.: slims, slima, slimam, slimu, ar slimu, slimā
    dsk.: slimi, slimu, slimiem, slimus, ar slimiem, slimos [/slider]

slima : adj. sick [slider title="decline me"] slima , f, adj.
vsk.: slima, slimas, slimai, slimu, ar slimu, slimā
dsk.: slimas, slimu, slimām, slimas, ar slimām, slimās [/slider]

This is an adjective, which means it modifies nouns. Because of this, it can take either gender and has gender-appropriate endings. Yes, I still need to write about both adverbs and adjectives.

  • slimot : to be sick, to ail [slider title="conjugate me"] slimot , 2. konj.
    tag. slimoju, slimo, slimo, slimojam, slimojat
    pag. slimoju, slimoji, slimoja, slimojām, slimojāt
    nak. slimošu, slimosi, slimos, slimosim, slimosiet / slimosit
    pav. slimo, slimojiet [/slider]

Unlike sāpēt, slimot is just a normal verb, so don't get the two mixed up. Sāpēt needs a dative construction, such as man sāp galva, slimot doesn't.

  • slimība : disease [slider title="decline me"] slimība , f, 4. dekl.
    vsk.: slimība, slimības, slimībai, slimību, ar slimību, slimībā
    dsk.: slimības, slimību, slimībām, slimības, ar slimībām, slimībās [/slider]

You could think of this as a "thing that makes one sick". Pretty neat, huh?

  • slimnieks : (male) patient [slider title="decline me"] slimnieks , m, 1. dekl.
    vsk.: slimnieks, slimnieka, slimniekam, slimnieku, ar slimnieku, slimniekā
    dsk.: slimnieki, slimnieku, slimniekiem, slimniekus, ar slimniekiem, slimniekos [/slider]

slimniece : (female) patient [slider title="decline me"] slimniece , f, 5. dekl.
vsk.: slimniece, slimnieces, slimniecei, slimnieci, ar slimnieci, slimniecē
dsk.: slimnieces, slimnieču, slimniecēm, slimnieces, ar slimniecēm, slimniecēs [/slider]

-nieks is the suffix for person, so a slimnieks is a sick-person or patient! * slimīgs : adj. sickly [slider title="decline me"] slimīgs , m, adj.
vsk.: slimīgs, slimīga, slimīgam, slimīgu, ar slimīgu, slimīgā
dsk.: slimīgi, slimīgu, slimīgiem, slimīgus, ar slimīgiem, slimīgos [/slider]

slimīga : adj. sickly [slider title="decline me"] slimīga , f, adj.
vsk.: slimīga, slimīgas, slimīgai, slimīgu, ar slimīgu, slimīgā
dsk.: slimīgas, slimīgu, slimīgām, slimīgas, ar slimīgām, slimīgās [/slider]

Another adjective. Notice that both sets of adjectives here conform to the 1st and 4th declensions, as is typical for adjectives. The declension of the noun is irrelevant, only the gender, number and case. The adjective must match all three.

If you are wondering why I left out slimnīca, it's because I featured it on March 2nd's Wordy Wednesday.