Wordy Weekend: Education, Part 2: Teachers & Students

So much to learn and so many fun words about it! Let's do some more. :) Latvian is interesting in that it has different words for students at different levels of schooling.

Yes, I promise I'll be writing more on grammar soon but grad school papers come first. So, since I'm mostly focusing my efforts on reading Latvian rather than on learning grammar, taking apart words to further solidify wordbuilding in my mind is about my speed right now. So, even if this seems silly, taking apart words definitely is not. Latvian is all about wordbuilding.

Notice here that skola (from the previous post) is used for building most of the words relating to students and teachers for grades 1 through 12.

  • skolēns : pupil, student [slider title="decline me"] skolēns , m, 1. dekl.
    vsk.: skolēns, skolēna, skolēnam, skolēnu, ar skolēnu, skolēnā
    dsk.: skolēni, skolēnu, skolēniem, skolēnus, ar skolēniem, skolēnos [/slider]

Interestingly, there isn't a feminine version of this word in use. The feminine form of student is skolniece.

  • skolnieks : masc. student [slider title="decline me"] skolnieks , m, 1. dekl.
    vsk.: skolnieks, skolnieka, skolniekam, skolnieku, ar skolnieku, skolniekā
    dsk.: skolnieki, skolnieku, skolniekiem, skolniekus, ar skolniekiem, skolniekos [/slider]

  • skolniece : fem. student [slider title="decline me"] skolniece , f, 5. dekl.
    vsk.: skolniece, skolnieces, skolniecei, skolnieci, ar skolnieci, skolniecē
    dsk.: skolnieces, skolnieču, skolniecēm, skolnieces, ar skolniecēm, skolniecēs [/slider]

As usual, mixed groups will take the masculine plural form.

  • skolotājs : masc. teacher [slider title="decline me"] skolotājs , m, 1. dekl.
    vsk.: skolotājs, skolotāja, skolotājam, skolotāju, ar skolotāju, skolotājā
    dsk.: skolotāji, skolotāju, skolotājiem, skolotājus, ar skolotājiem, skolotājos [/slider]

  • skolotāja : teacher [slider title="decline me"] skolotāja , f, 4. dekl.
    vsk.: skolotāja, skolotājas, skolotājai, skolotāju, ar skolotāju, skolotājā
    dsk.: skolotājas, skolotāju, skolotājām, skolotājas, ar skolotājām, skolotājās [/slider]

Same as with skolnieki, skolotāji refers to both a masculine group of teachers and a mixed group of teachers. Also similarly to skolnieki, skolotāji is typically used for teachers of grades 1 through 12.

  • pasniegt : to hand, to offer, to lecture [slider title="conjugate me"] pasniegt , 2. konj. (long)
    tag. pasniedzu, pasniedz, pasniedz, pasniedzam, pasniedzat
    pag. pasniedzu, pasniedzi, pasniedza, pasniedzām, pasniedzāt
    nak. pasniegšu, pasniegsi, pasniegs, pasniegsim, pasniegsiet / pasniegsit
    pav. pasniedz, pasniedziet [/slider]

Note the palatalization change of -g- to -dz- from the infinitive to the past and present conjugated forms. Sniegt is also to hand or to offer but the prefix of pa- adds the connotation of out. So, if it is knowledge that you are handing out or offering out , then you are lecturing or teaching.

  • pasniedzējs : lecturer, teacher, faculty [slider title="decline me"] pasniedzējs , m, 1. dekl.
    vsk.: pasniedzējs, pasniedzēja, pasniedzējam, pasniedzēju, ar pasniedzēju, pasniedzējā
    dsk.: pasniedzēji, pasniedzēju, pasniedzējiem, pasniedzējus, ar pasniedzējiem, pasniedzējos [/slider]

  • pasniedzēja : lecturer, teacher, faculty [slider title="decline me"] pasniedzēja , f, 4. dekl.
    vsk.: pasniedzēja, pasniedzējas, pasniedzējai, pasniedzēju, ar pasniedzēju, pasniedzējā
    dsk.: pasniedzējas, pasniedzēju, pasniedzējām, pasniedzējas, ar pasniedzējām, pasniedzējās [/slider]

At University level, you'll encounter primarily pasniedzēji along with profesori (professors) instead of skolotāji. As you can see, this word is built from the verb pasniegt to create "a person who hands out" (knowledge) or a teacher.

  • students : masc. University student [slider title="decline me"] students , m, 1. dekl.
    vsk.: students, studenta, studentam, studentu, ar studentu, studentā
    dsk.: studenti, studentu, studentiem, studentus, ar studentiem, studentos [/slider]

  • studente : fem. University student [slider title="decline me"] studente , f, 5. dekl.
    vsk.: studente, studentes, studentei, studenti, ar studenti, studentē
    dsk.: studentes, studenšu, studentēm, studentes, ar studentēm, studentēs [/slider]

At University level, we shift to this obvious loan-word for those attending for university degrees. Note also the typical palatatization change in the plural genitive of -t- to -š-.