To My Kindle Readers

Due to some current issues in my (and my husband's) life, I'm not currently able to blog. While I expect to continue posting here in the future (and I am still learning Latvian), it'll take time for the issues to get resolved. I don't feel right having the feed up without posts for the Kindle, so I will be pulling it down until I can post consistently.

If you would still like to be notified when new posts are available, please subscribe to my RSS feed with a feed reader or sign up to have posts automatically delivered to you by email*.

  • You can even have posts delivered to your Kindle's email address or forward posts you receive to your Kindle, but please be aware that doing this may have a cost associated with it. See your "Personal Document Settings" section under "Manage My Kindle" along with Amazon's Kindle help section for more details on how this works and what the current fee structure is.